Photographers are a dime a dozen these days.  With the ongoing improvement of technology, taking a crisp/clean photo has never been easier.  Anyone with a nice camera can now point, click, and end up with a nicely framed shot.  So what separates photographers these days?!

1.  Experience - With collective years and years of experience modeling for promotional content, fashion, and fitness, Team Notaro has seen and experienced a lot!  We've seen what worked and what didn't and most importantly we know what is fun and successful!  We've been on both sides of the camera which is very rare.  Combining those two experiences allows us to quickly and efficiently figure out a solution that works for you.  Whether you are looking for a studio shoot or are in need of an event photographer, our experience as well as our personalities have been molded efficiently to fit your needs.  

2.  Vision - To put it bluntly, we get the bigger picture.  Whether you need a collection of shots for a wedding event, family outing, or are just looking for a portrait session we will make it timeless!  Taking a picture is the easy part.  Putting a story together, a perfect pose, or touching up details with the editing process is where the magic happens.  We know what's good and we aren't satisfied unless it's better than good!

3.  Fun - It's time to stop being serious and have some fun!  Unless you're creating detailed documentation manuals then chances are you're in need of a photographer for an event or shoot that exemplifies joy!  Team Notaro has more than enough fun to go around.  We'll make the process enjoyable and insanely fun for you. 

4.  Cost - Look around.  The cost for a decent photographer these days is immense.  What if you don't have the available funds or are simply not willing to pay that much?  Whatever your budget is we will work with you and produce the best quality work you can imagine.  

Talking is free:)  Shoot us a message and we'll talk about your vision.  No pressure, no problems.  Want to just say hello?  We like that too!